Guitar Guru, Online Marketer, Father to three & Husband to one

Jesse Kodeine

From Strings to Keys...

Hi. I am Jesse Kodeine and when I tell everyone that I am an online marketer by profession, it is interesting to watch the varied responses that follow. Although terms like ecommerce and online marketing are commonplace nowadays, the fact that these can serve as full-time professions is still a surprise for many people. 

It is not always that I was an online marketer - in fact I started out as an avid musician who loved his guitar more than anything else in the world. However, my first love often left me financially broke and wanting in terms of finances which prompted me to look for other options.

After much exploring, I settled for online marketing not just because of the plethora of opportunities that it opened for me but also because the returns were substantial to say the least. 

Having established myself in the field, I am in a position where I can proudly declare myself as an online marketer, not to mention the fact that the flexible timings leave me with sufficient space to play my guitar too. 

Over a period of time, I have realized that relying completely on Google is not such a good idea. True though it is that it enjoys the position of being the most popular search engine in the world, what is equally true is the fact that it is constantly trying to upgrade itself by releasing new algorithms and parameters for ranking websites. Unfortunately for online entrepreneurs, this evolution often brings with it a possibility of doom because it signifies a complete change in the manner of judging websites and ascertaining their position. 

Every algorithm introduces new parameters and the onus is on online marketers to alter the structure of their websites in order to be able to survive in the new environment. Optimization is another factor that takes a hit and what could be better examples than the Penguin and Panda updates that sent SEO experts the world over in a spin? Even today, there are online ventures which have not recovered from the impact of these updates and hence are struggling with visibility issues on the Internet. 

All of this made it quite apparent to me that depending solely on Google for online marketing would be as fraught with risks as is possible and the thought also prompted me to look for alternatives. 'Do not put all your eggs in one basket' is the logic that I decided to apply to my online marketing venture and discovered that indeed there are ways to market your blog on the Internet that do not involve Google. Following are some of the ways that I applied to my Google-less blogging and urge you to try as well - 

Build an Email list

Almost every time I hear experts being asked online or on podcasts about the one thing they wish they had done sooner, the answer is always "Build an email list". While, I do not build a list on this website, I ensure that all my web properties are focused on capturing email addresses from the users visiting my websites. Having a 100,000 emails in my list ensures that I am not dependant on Google or anyone else for my traffic.

Join Forums 

Online forums are a great platform to build your popularity and you can carve a reputation for yourself by following the conversation and piping in whenever you feel that you have something useful to contribute. Forums are a good way of judging the mood of the crowd and you could make use of the opportunity by creating content based on  lastest trends and dropping your blog's link in the conversation thread.       

Leaving Comments on Blogs

Posting comments on blogs written by other online marketers is a common practice on the Internet and often done by spammers. However, that is not the kind of blog comments I am talking about. While it is easy to leave a one-word comment indicating the quality of the post, it is only when you write a detailed comment pointing out the strong and weak points and also offer constructive suggestion that you will have truly made a contribution. Building relationships is key to surviving in the online world.