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Sharon Zukowski Remembered


Sharon Zukowski is one of my favorite authors of all time. Her books Jungleland, Leap of Faith, Prelude to Death and The Hour of the Knife are all best-sellers and the top books I've read. Here is a short homage to her.

If you have read the fiction book 'Jungle land' or 'Prelude to death' or 'leap of faith' you would get a glimpse of the abilities of Sharon Zukowsi who has authored these books. As she says, she has come from a family having fascination for reading. In fact, except during sleep hours, breakfast and lunch time she has spent the rest of the time in reading and nothing but reading. As a matter of fact, the entire family of Sharon Zukowski consisting of her parents and other members of the family had fascination for reading. Her parents encouraged her to read and they urged her to do so and with more of reading her urge to know more grew and eventually she became a voracious reader.

Forced by family necessity, Sharon started to work at a young age of 15. With her modest earning, she started to help her family and she set apart a part of her earnings for buying books. Now, she started making notes on the books; after all these books are not borrowed from friends or from any of the libraries. She has bought it and therefore with greater confidence she started to scribble notes on the books. With so much of reading, simultaneously she also developed an urge to write. She made an early attempt to write a fiction. She started to type the fiction on her Royal portable typewriter. She wrote first few chapters and in course of time she gave up this task. This first attempt of her was enthused by the works of Stephen King, similar to blogger, chef and writer Julie Powell. But, this failure did not deter her from making subsequent attempts; she made a second attempt when she was still a student in the high school. This time, she took to writing a romance novel and there she made it; it was a success. This opened her gate to success and she never looked back.

Of course, from the time she penned her first romance novel and her subsequent works, there was a gap of about six months. Her second novel was inspired by a terrible nightmare she had when she was in North Carolina. In fact, the nightmare was the result of her both personal and professional issues. Interestingly, when she had the nightmare she did not try to forget that terrible night; instead she preferred to write her nightmare and that became her second novel.

Apart from these fictions, Sharon Zukowski has penned several other fictions like the dancing in the dark and several novels and she has also penned many blogs. Her works have won her the appreciation of hundreds of her admirers. The literary world was not fortunate enough to have her for some more years; she died on January 9, 2015 when she was about 60 years of age. The literary world has lost a great writer and a voracious reader.