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5 Methods to Market to Influencers in Your Niche

Assuming that you might have gathered a bagful of marketing techniques to ensure the survival of your online venture, what is more important at this point is to cultivate an in-depth understanding of each of these methods in order to be able to derive maximum benefits. To this effect, influencer marketing emerges as an option which is unique in the sense that its approach transcends traditional concepts.  

Rather than identifying the target audience all by yourself for the purpose of building connections and promoting sales, this method requires you to invest your energy towards locating a segment which is seminal with your target customers. Simply explained, it entails finding a group which is capable of influencing your target audience to the point of successfully persuading them to visit your website and buy your product, thus having a positive impact on your bottomline. 'Influencing the influencers' is a phrase that best describes your objective while using this technique and discussed as follows are ways by which you can apply it effectively to ensure the growth of your online venture - 

1 - Build Connections

Obvious though this point might seem, it is an aspect which most online marketers take for granted, often at the cost of their profits. Shameless though it might seem, the importance of building connections for online marketing cannot be stressed enough - like the manner in which a daily intake of nutrients essential to ensure good health, establishing connections with possible influencers is an effective way of fortifying your online venture. 

Mentioning a fellow blogger's content in your blog post, sharing content on social media platforms and using quotes to create external links are some of the most-used ways of building connections in the online world. While referencing to another blogger is the best way to seek his/her attention, linking on social media platforms is best achieved by dropping a greeting time and again, not to mention sharing interesting snippets that would draw comments and cause others to react. Handling quotes calls for lot more creativity, like using image quotes, quoting on a particular subject, re-phrasing them to be used on multiple platforms and using them as hyperlinks. 

2 - Trigger a Discussion

Posting comments on blogs and articles is a common practice on the Internet but how many of these are truly successful in making an impact? As an online marketer, your purpose while commenting on other's blogs should be to trigger a discussion that would engage everyone involved and even entice reactions from people who can influence your target audience.

There are several ways by which you could trigger a discussion like asking a question, making a suggestion or drawing other bloggers into the conversation. As long as your point is relevant and reflects genuine concern on your part rather than just seeming to be a pointless debate, chances are that your efforts will reap rich rewards in terms of attracting attention. 

3 - Improve Content

Not only should you apply this on your own blogs and communiques but also inspire possible influencers to practice it while posting their content. For a blog to grab attention time and again, it is important to be informative but it is even more important to be interesting, preferably by adding a twist. Creativity is the byword in this case wherein much depends on the manner in which the blogger projects an idea and persuades his readers to accept it without being overbearing.   

Everyone loves a twist in the tale and if this is relatively unfamiliar territory for you,  going through slideshow presentations of well known online marketers and following experts in the arena is a good way of cultivating this talent.  


4 - Showcase Your Personality

For influencers to be convinced of your product, they should first be convinced of your authenticity and one of the best ways of achieving this entails showcasing your personality in a manner which is memorable without being garish in any way. How about being honest while projecting ideas, suggestions, recommendations and even when you are offering criticisms? As long as you manage to strike the right chord with your readers, acceptance is just a step away and soon it would translate into an ardent following. 

Few styles are more effective than a humorous tone and all you need to do is to add a dash of humor into your posts to ensure that the point that you are trying to make is well received, accepted and carried forth. 


5 - Prepare Weekly Reports

Once a week, you must take an overview of the situation as it exists in terms of strategies being employed, volume of traffic, revenue generated and so on. Such an exercise will enable you to take stock of the current performance and will also help you to determine the future course of action.  What is important to realize is that this should not be treated as a one-time exercise but as something that is repeated with due diligence at regular intervals for delivering positive results.