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Jesse Kodeine

6 Important Email Marketing Tips

Having jumped on to the bandwagon of online marketing, one of the first steps that you must have taken pertained to using the email service to your business's advantage. To this effect, the procedure is the same for everyone, namely signing up for an email service provider, placing forms on your website, building up a sizeable email list and installing an auto-responder for to take care of incoming mails. Once everything is in place, the usual tendency is to sit back and relax while waiting for business to come through, which unfortunately it does not. It is then that you start wondering as to why these basic tactics are not working.

Majority of online marketers live under the misconception that following these few steps is all that is required to ensure that your venture is successful. However, this is nothing more than a myth - there is lot more to setting up an effective email service than these steps and following are some of the tactics that you must include in your to-do list for your online venture to benefit - 

  1. Work on Your Opt-In Aspect - Not only should you have an opt-in form on your blog posts but also incorporate a two-step opt-in process which. although longer, will serve to generate interest among prospective clients. When you incorporate an opt-in form, you must make it a point to attach it to some of your most popular posts, something that you will be able to identify on checking the archives of your blog. Next, it is time to ensure that the first page which appears is always the landing page that represents some information about your company and comprises of a 'Click Here' button. Curiosity always gets the better of any person and soon the visitor is on your opt-in page wherein he can fill out the information.
  2. Customization - While it might be easier to resort to an email template and use it for responding, what you must remember is that a personalized message goes a long way in convincing online visitors of your credibility. All it would take is a few minutes for you to design a customized page confirming the email id of the visitor and saying 'thank you' after the visitor has confirmed. Some of the must-haves on your customized page are a 'thank you' note and your email id wherein your visitors can get in touch in case they do not receive any confirmation mail. You could include an interesting image as well followed by call to action buttons as per your procedure.
  3.  Creating the First Good Impression - If your first impression is the best and the last in the physical world, it is more so in the virtual world wherein your persona is likely to be judged through your communication. Therefore, you must ensure that your first email is written in a manner so that it hits the 'bulls eye' at the first instance, meaning it should be in sync with the the customer's way of thinking. Statistics are witness to the fact that successful online entrepreneurs owe a large percentage of their success to their first email which proves the make-or-break nature of this strategy.
  4. Handling Customers Who Have Subscribed - There are times when people who might have already subscribed for your service might fill in the opt-in form again. In such a situation, the onus is on you to remind them gently through a customized message that they have already subscribed and hence are a part of your mailing list. Another fact that you must constantly remind them of pertains to the reason as to why they subscribed to your emails in the first place so that they are motivated enough to follow all the latest news and updates.
  5. Adding a Global Snippet - Presence of a global snippet at the end of your email will serve to generate interest in your messages throughout the duration of the individual's subscription. What renders them even more interesting is the fact that you can have multiple messages and assign them a sequence which would then be followed irrespective of your attention.
  6. Interact with Your Customers - Tedious though it might seem, you must make it a point to reply to all the mails that you receive and possibly add a personal touch as well. While it might appear to be a routine exercise for you, your clients would appreciate this acknowledgement from your end and will even take more interest in your products and services. Keeping in touch entails a string of interaction too wherein end users can provide valuable feedback and you can dispel any myths or doubts which might be influencing their decision to make a purchase.  Thus replies from customers, particularly target segments should always be encouraged.