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10 Powerful Tips to Grow Your Blog Audience

Blogs are Internet based forums that serve as platforms for online visitors to express a exchange personal views in form of a discussion and blog marketing is a collective term used for tactics that are applied to draw visitors to a particular blog. Every blog features a 'Comments' section too wherein active participants, observers and other visitors can leave an opinion as regards the topic under discussion and this forms a part of marketing strategy too.

It was sometime towards the end of the 20th century that the concept of blogging had been introduced as a way of maintaining a personal log on the Internet. The thought that it could serve as a source of earning evolved a few years later when the world was well on its way into the new millennium. Since then blogs have come a long way from serving as personal catalogues to emerge as important tools meant to promote the goal of online commercial ventures. 

Blog marketing comes into play when you have managed to set up a blog for yourself and wish to draw as many visitors to ensure its constant visibility on the Internet. Of course this is a task that is easier said than done because like you, there are millions of online entrepreneurs who would be aiming towards the same objective. Therefore, for you to be able to stand out from the crowd, applying a few time tested tactics that form the core of blog marketing is a must. In case you are unaware of where to begin, following is a list of blog marketing strategies that are universally implemented to seek results -

  1. Takeaways and Giveaways - One of the oldest online marketing tactics that has endured through the decades and is equally effective even today entails attracting visitors to your blog by offering takeaways and giveaways free of charge. This blog marketing strategy is based on human psychology of grabbing anything that comes free and for you, its application could translate into thousands of subscribers to begin with. A giveaway could also take the form of an email course that addresses common problems faced by users and offers economical and efficient solutions.
  2. Indulging in Guest Posting - Even before you begin designing your own blog, it is important to create a presence on the Internet and guest blogging is an activity which is ideal for achieving this objective. Not only does it enable you to become a part of the community but also ensures that your blog would have as many guests who would like to reciprocate.
  3. Warm Up to the Launch - During the days leading up to the launch of your blog, uploading a video related to your product followed by a sign-in form is an ideal blog marketing strategy that you can follow in order to create an atmosphere of anticipation. Just by putting into place this simple act, you can generate sufficient interest which will convert into active followers of your blog.
  4. Acknowledging Well-Known Bloggers - Every field has its share of heroes and blog marketing is no exception. On your part, you can capitalize on this fact by acknowledging these famous personalities in your blogs, thus expressing your loyalty and respect while easing into an already existent community of bloggers.
  5. Stir Up a Controversy - Bloggers have been found to have a mixed approach towards controversies but those who have been able to make optimal use of this tool without spreading any acrimony have managed to earn rich dividends.
  6. Rendering Your Blog Attractive - There is no dearth of embellishments that you can decorate your blog with like sliders, pop-ups, messages and so on. However the onus is on you to identify the right combination of aesthetics so that your blog looks beautiful without compromising on its balance and content quality.
  7. Build Backlinks - Links form an important part of any online marketing campaign and in blog marketing, these are best used by being incorporated into the main content of the blog. Keywords are a good way of building links as long as they fit into the natural flow of the content and add to the quality of the blog.
  8. Seeking Endorsements - Recommendations play a big role in blog marketing. As long as the recommendation/review has been acquired from a well known source, its presence on your blog will serve to add to your credibility and enhance your reputation.
  9. Using PPC - With ecommerce having reached a stage wherein just posting good content is not enough to draw traffic, using paid advertising comes forth as an option that has plenty of potential. A PPC campaign does call for an initial investment but if conducted professionally, it can generate sizeable returns for a long time to come.   
  10. Build A Brilliant Blog - For your blog to serve as an effective tool for blog marketing, it should have its own identity and offer solutions that are unique yet result-oriented. At the same time it should be reflective of your personality and convey your intentions with clarity while generating monetary returns.